Are you aware that a staggering $7.4 billion in life insurance benefits remain unclaimed, failing to reach their rightful beneficiaries? These unclaimed benefits are held by individual states as unclaimed property, often because they fall into what we refer to as LIMBO.



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Why Digitize Your Policy?
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Discover how our commitment to security makes the Policy Ledger a trusted platform for your life insurance policies.

Key Issues the Policy Ledger can solve:

Have you lost contact with your insurance company due to outdated or unreported changes in personal information, disrupting necessary communications?

Are incomplete asset transfers and poor legacy planning potentially leaving significant assets dormant and leading to missed financial opportunities for your beneficiaries?

Could insurance companies struggle to find your policy’s beneficiaries because of incomplete or outdated beneficiary information?

Are your beneficiaries unaware they are entitled to policies because you haven't communicated their existence or the details concerning the policies?

Is it difficult or impossible for your beneficiaries to trace and claim their benefits because the original insurance company has merged, been renamed, or dissolved?

Do you lack a clear understanding of your policy status and benefits due to insufficient documentation and communication from your insurance provider?

Are you missing important dates or changes to your policies, risking outdated coverage and benefits?


Ensure your loved ones receive what you've planned for them. Digitize your policy today using our Policy Ledger, learn how in this step-by-step video!


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